Brazilian Society for Microscopy and Microanalysis

Founded during the II Colloquium of
Electron Microscopy on November 5, 1971

It currently has 365 members




Founded in 1971, SBMM it is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of microscopy and microanalysis techniques and applications in all areas of science.


SBMM's mission is to contribute to the progress of research in Brazil, in all its aspects. It seeks to further the achievement of resources for microscopy and microanalysis laboratories; to assist in the coordination of microscopy teaching at different levels; to encourage the dissemination of microscopy and microanalysis techniques; to promote exchanges among its members and among similar associations; to join similar associations; to organize meetings, symposia, and courses that reflect and stimulate the progress of science in Brazil.

Member Benefits


A few benefits that members can enjoy:


Eligibility to participate in the
awards for best works.


Active connection to other microscopy societies

Right to Vote

Right to participate and vote in the assemblies

Courses and Events

Proposition of courses and events

Exclusive Participation

Exclusive participation in meetings with the board of directors to discuss strategies to strengthen the partnership with the partner company.


Publicize new products and technologies on our social media, upon prior request by email ([email protected]).

Access to Reports

Have exclusive access to reports generated by the SBMM board of directors, with specific data in relation to publications linked to the company on our social media, Newsletter, and webpage.

Support in Public Calls

To support public calls that will be launched by SBMM to fund and enable users to access equipment installed in Brazil and/or in international institutions.

Partner Companies

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